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It’s the Perfect Season for a Deep Clean
It’s that time of year again — time to go beyond the weekly cleaning and tidying and do a thorough deep clean and organize! Here’s a checklist to get your home in tip-top shape.

Dust Ceilings and Wash Walls — Clear those cobwebs out of hard-to-reach places and clean all the dirt and grime off of walls.

Shampoo Carpets and Spot Treat Stains — Hire professionals to steam clean your carpets, or rent a steam cleaning machine. Make sure to check for stains you may have missed when they happened.

Clean Window Treatments — Dust blinds and wash window coverings.

Degrease Cooking Appliances — Remove any built-up grease from cooking appliances.

Wipe Out Cupboards and Drawers — Use a soapy solution to clean the insides of cupboards and drawers.

Defrost and Clean Fridge and Freezer — Empty out the fridge and freezer to give them both a good wipe down and defrost (if needed).

Vacuum and Steam Clean Upholstery — Get rid of the dust (and dust mites) that are hiding in your furniture by vacuuming and steam cleaning them.

Dust Electronics — Wipe down electronics and clean the screens, remembering to use a microfiber cloth.

Polish Metal Hardware — Make all of the metal handles, knobs and pulls look like new by polishing them with a soft cloth and liquid polish.

Dust and Wax Wood Furniture — Clean and protect wood furniture.

Wash Windows and Screens — Remove and wash window screens, and wash windows.

Check Home Safety Equipment — Change the batteries in your smoke detector and check fire extinguishers.

Purge What You Don’t Need — Take a look in your closets, storage room and kitchen cupboards for extra stuff you no longer use and get rid of it!

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