5 Mothers day gifts that grow

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Looking for a Mother’s Day gift that will grow over time? These gift ideas are a great alternative to the beautiful flower arrangements that may last only a few days.

Indoor Garden — Bring the outdoors in with a miniature salad or herb garden. All you need is a bright location, a small pot and a whole lot of love! Plants that do well indoors include microgreens, salad mixes and herbs.

Bonsai Tree — Give mom a new hobby. The practice of growing miniature trees is a Japanese art form that involves pruning, root reduction, potting, defoliation and grafting to produce miniature versions of full-size trees.

Succulent Plants — Create a beautiful succulent garden for her special day. The perfect low-maintenance gift, succulent gardens can thrive with little water or care. Find a wide-mouth bowl and an assortment of succulents to create a tabletop garden.

Terrarium — Make a terrarium out of a glass ornament, a hanging pendant or any type of glass jar. All you need is charcoal, gravel, soil and moss or ferns. Since a terrarium is sealed it’s important to keep the base and soil sterile to avoid disease.

Orchid — Give the mom with a green thumb an orchid. Try to replicate their natural conditions as closely as possible, remembering that orchids are epiphytes, meaning they grow on other objects like rough bark or stone.

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