10 Storage Solutions for Summer

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Seasonal Storage Solutions
Need a way to store summer fun for the season? Try one of these seasonal storage solutions:

Divided Utility Shelves – Organize everything from camping gear to sporting equipment on divided shelves.

Sports Organizer – Look for a purpose-built storage system for sporting equipment, like this Rubbermaid Sports Station.

Storage Totes – Pack seasonal toys and sporting equipment in clear storage totes so you can easily find what you need next summer! Totes may be stacked or stored on a utility shelf.

Deck Box – Keep gardening gear and hoses organized in an outdoor deck box during the off-season.

Vertical Wall Hooks – Store awkward items, such as bikes, skis and sporting rackets, using vertical wall or ceiling hooks like these from SafeRacks.

Pegboard and Hooks – Create a do-it-yourself storage system using a pegboard and hooks. The moveable hooks allow you to repurpose it for whatever you need to store.

Underbed Storage – Use underbed storage bins to swap your summer and winter wardrobes, freeing up extra space in your closet.

Wall-Mounted Racks – Take advantage of vertical storage space by hanging seasonal gear on wall-mounted racks.

Ball Claws – Keep balls under control by storing them using wall-mounted ball claws. The ball claw system features styles for basketball, soccer, football and volleyball.

Canvas Utility Totes – Store bulky or irregularly shaped items, like sleeping bags, outdoor cushions or nets, in canvas utility totes.

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